About Got Your Drip

Empower yourself in taking charge of your health—it’s not just a right, but a responsibility. Got Your Drip provides an alternative solution for those grappling with the challenges of maintaining a healthy diet and incorporating recommended natural supplements. Whether recuperating from a night out or addressing dietary hurdles, our concierge infusion service, supervised by our medical director, Dr. Alexander Landfield, brings expert nurses directly to you with YOUR DRIP.

At Got Your Drip, our mission is to offer safe, simple, and effective options for your health needs. Recognizing that vitamin deficiencies and dehydration are prevalent contributors to illness, we are committed to transforming the pursuit of improved health from a passing trend into a lasting lifestyle.

Meet the Founder:

With a background between emergency medicine and long-term care, Donelle, also known as Nurse Donni, brings firsthand experience that highlights the importance of preventive health. With decades of caring for others, she emphasizes the significance of prioritizing self-care and the well-being of loved ones from within, before health issues arise. As an aspiring health coach, her passion is to advocate for, encourage, and instill a proactive wellness routine for both herself and others.

Remember- there are no problems like a health problem

---Nurse Donni